Carey Pietsch graduated from Swarthmore College in 2010.

She's now living in Brooklyn, where she works as an illustrator and cartoonist. She's currently working as the artist on the Mages of Mystralia webcomic, written by Brian Clevinger. She was also the artist on Lumberjanes Issues 29-32 and Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift, as well as the colorist on Finding Molly from Emet Comics.

Her original comics Rift and The Witches' Daughters appeared in SOI's Comic & Cartoon Art Annual, 2015; Gleam was a part of the 2016 show.

Her work has also appeared in several anthologies, including Chainmail Bikini, Oath, 1001 Knights, Blood Root, and Terrestrial.

When she's not making comics, she's probably playing a tabletop game, collecting more plants, or working on a goofy podcast about Animorphs.

You can also find her on Twitter (@careydraws) or Tumblr (careydraws)

Clients include Brainquest, Google Play Books, BOOM! Studios, Oni Press, MIT Game Lab, Swarthmore College, Wilamette Week, Wandering Monster Studios, and Th3rd World Studios.

Upcoming conventions: TCAF 2016; A2CAF 2016; SPX 2016